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Why Should You Get a 144Hz Monitor for Gaming?

It is believed that 60 Hz refresh rate of a monitor is sufficient and best for displays, especially for the gaming experience. This is because the human eyes are able to see up to 24 frames per second at the maximum. But, if you ask any expert or search online for best gaming monitor, then you will be asked to invest in gaming monitor that comes with higher refresh rate up to 144Hz. So, if you are a veteran gamer and highly concerned about the gaming experience, then it is always worthwhile to invest in 144Hz Monitor for many good reasons. Below you will come across with some crucial points which will clarify how using gaming monitor with 144Hz refresh rate would give you significant gaming benefits and experience.

Why Using 144Hz Monitor for Gaming is Necessary Today?

Many gamers believe that spending more money on the gaming monitors with 144Hz is simply wastage because 60Hz is enough for efficient working and gaming experience. However, it is not true for modern gaming experience. Whether you need to stay with 60Hz monitors or upgrade it with higher refresh rate it all depends on the games that you intend to play on your system. The higher refresh rate of 144Hz or above will significantly affect the overall working and gaming.

The refresh rate of the monitors is basically the measure of how many times the screen of the monitor refreshes per second for updating the details. The age old CRT monitors we used earlier were designed with higher refresh rates and hence they reduce the screen flickering and offer you amazing comfort while gaming. But, the modern day LED and LCD monitors don’t work the same way and hence refresh rates must be higher so that refreshing of the screen is done promptly for smoother moving of images. But in high end games where images are required to be sent faster per second you would require a system that has faster interconnections with higher quality of cabling. Moreover, for faster video transmission you are required to have system with faster processors and sufficient storage which are required for higher frame rate for content.

Moreover, higher quality graphic cards are also required to support the screen to provide desired benefits. But, there is a drawback because of the system fails, then the same image will be shown to you over and over again until any new images are displayed. Most of the games today use motion blur technology which looks unnatural in gaming and create more latency that impact the smoothness of the gaming images. So, if you are playing these games on 144Hz gaming monitors then you will observe vast changes in the shooting skills and performance due to its higher refresh rates. Similarly, if you play the same game on 60Hz gaming monitors then the images will be displayed in half of what you should get. So, using 144Hz monitors for gaming would give you full benefits, regardless of your system. It also requires minimal system settings to deliver you higher quality imaging and gaming experience.

Why Gamers Should Get a 144Hz Monitor for Gaming?

The 144Hz gaming monitors are the stellar not only for watching movies and working, but also for high end gaming experience. The pixel counts and the refresh rate of these monitors are really exceptional that allows you to reach the full potential in regards to graphical output. If you don’t have high end system setup then the games would run poorly and if you notice image optimization issues, then it is the time to invest in gaming monitors with 144Hz refresh rate.

The Hard Truth About Water Softeners

Water softeners are something that we can see in every household today. Of course, water softeners are essential when it comes to household needs as most of the places around the world receive hard water in their homes which can not only damage utensils and other electronics that require water but can also cause problems to people as well in the form of skin irritation and so on.

There are many water softener reviews out there that help you in finding the best water softener setup you need for your home depending on your consumption and preference.
However, what these articles do not inform you is some disadvantages or low points about water softeners.

After researching about water softeners to purchase one myself, below are some of the facts I found about water softeners and soft water in general.

Hard Truth about Water Softeners

1. Hard water minerals are not harmful

Water that contains hard minerals like calcium and magnesium are considered to be hard water. When a water softener is used, the softener system replaces the calcium, magnesium or such hard elements with softer minerals like Sodium and Potassium.

However, calcium and magnesium are two of the essential nutrients that the body need. So, not all hard water is actually harmful. It is when these minerals exceed the permitted level that it causes problems to people, buildup on utensils and create such issues.

If you feel that hard water runs through your house, the best thing to do is to test the hardness of the water first and decide based on the results on whether to install a water softener or not. Water with hardness less than 1.0GPG is considered soft water whereas water with hardness above 7.0GPG is considered hard water. Any value between means that the water is not hard enough to have a water softener installed.

2. Soft water is not healthy for all

Softened water is best for household purpose, but when it comes to the health standpoint, it may not be right for everyone. Calcium is the most common mineral used by water softeners to replace the hard minerals, and increased levels of sodium can increase your blood pressure and is not at all advised for people with kidney-related diseases.

However, calcium from softened water will only not be a factor to increase your body’s sodium content. If you already have a sodium-rich diet, then the calcium softened water may contribute to improving the level.

If you are having a health condition wherein you need to limit your consumption of sodium, then try using Potassium as the mineral in your water softener setup.

3. Water softeners are expensive

Setting up a water softener system in your home can be quite expensive depending on the number of members in your home and the type of setup you choose.

Moreover, if proper research is not done and if you go for a water softener setup that has a lower capacity than what is required by your home, it may end up being even costlier for you as you will have to change the salt content in the water softener system more frequently.

Also, water softeners do not filter the water and only converts hard water to soft water. Even with a water softener system installed, you will also require a filtration setup if not already installed with the water softener.

Final Words

So what are your thoughts on the above article featuring the hard truth about water softeners? Do share your views as comments below.

The Best 5 PS4 Horror Games in the World Today

Horror games in the world today have become very popular. These could be attributed to so many reasons such as Youtube videos of people getting scared while playing at the same time. It can also be attributed to the fact that there are plenty of options when it comes to the field of playing quality horror games in the world today. One of the biggest beneficiaries of this is the PS4, which has more than enough of the available horror titles and games that one can be able to comfortably choose from at any time.

There are many popular horror games from a small devloping team to AAA companies who contributed a lot to push the horror gaming experiecnce.Here’s a list of some of the best PlayStation 4 games gaming industry.


Until Dawn

It is a little less scary in general and is more like an interactive teen-horror movie in the world today. A group of adolescents decides to take a leave and spend a getaway weekend at a particular old lodge that one of their friends particularly owned. Two of their friends also particularly disappeared in this same lodge a year ago.

Throughout the game, you are required to make decisions and take control very many characters at the same time. The decisions that you come up with determine how the story ends. It also decides on who dies and who lives in general. It brings out the best real tense moments that are good in any game.


It is a first horror adventure that has a reporter who is trapped in an abandoned hospital that is psychiatric. The real joy of the game comes with its creepy environment and the tense moments at all times. The low night vision camera makes it even more intense. There is more of running and hiding and screaming. It is a classic game to play at all times.


It is a beautiful blend of horror and science fiction of all times. Starts with you being abandoned in a weird facility. You then find creatures that you keep hiding from and use stealth as your major weapon to fight back. It will make you uncomfortable, but it is one game that you will keep thinking about after you are done playing.

Layers of Fear

This game has taken into account a troubled painter who is going through a very rough time in completing his tasks in general. Trying to complete their task ahead, your character moves around trying to also complete their work too without much trouble. After each layer of painting, you tend to suffer from hallucinations and flashbacks that give you information. You will be fighting your mind o try answer puzzles and putting the story together.

Lone Survivor

It takes its influences from the Resident Evil and Silent Hill. In the game, you play as a survivor, and you appear to be alone apart from some monsters that appear in the apartment that you live in. You will need to look after your mental health and your ammo. Going back to sleep and feeding properly well will help keep your character good in the game. This is a must game for PS4 horror fans.


In conclusion, horror games are becoming popular, and it is because of such games that create tension and the eagerness to want to play them now and then. They are just a must games for horror fans in the world.

Top 5 Reasons Why It’s Time for You to Rent Movies Online

Nowadays, there are several ways to rent your movies for better promotion. In that one of the best techniques is through online. If you were more enough to consume a wider video rental shop that had several copies of new comings and lots of DVDs on hand, there was a better opportunity you could claim movies to engage everyone. For beginners, big box outlets such as blockbuster have been gone out of the bricks and mortar video rental trade to look salvation online. Based on this, let’s discuss the reasons behind rent movies online.

Well, apart from the importance of online movie rental, let’s discuss why it’s time for you to rent movies online.


If you rent movies, though the web from existing DVD or existing movie streaming from mail servers, you will usually have permission to access anywhere from a smaller to a larger number of movies and Television titles to prefer from.


Everywhere, but a few rare necessities, the movie you need is always available. Many DVD by mail services have a number of copies of personal movie titles on hand. The most famous movie streaming services like ShowBox app to save a huge amount.

app have no certain limit on how many subscribers watch personal movie titles and provide cost-free services. If you prefer the online movie rent method, your desires are almost always available.


When you prefer an online movie rental method from DVD by mail services, they commonly have subscription strategies that grant many DVD rentals, some though unlimited, per month for monthly charges of around six dollars. Though, if you rent only two times in a month, you are already ahead. With existing video streaming services like MovieBox app, common strategies run from about more than eight dollars per month or, if you change for a per rental server, such as iTunes, you will commonly pay a few dollars per month as a rent. You can download MovieBox app to save a huge amount.


Your normal video outlet or comfort store will never be as efficient for you as when you go for online movie rental. Conclusion shopping for rent movies online from your PC, TV or tablet means you need to leave your home for movie night often. Existing video streaming services grant you prefer a movie and keep watching in a perfect way.


Your normal video store will typically have a section or wall dedicated to new comings. The remaining of their guide will either be managed alphabetically or by category or not at all. Surfing for movie titles cannot take hours if you are not preferred. When you go for online movie rental, all providers deliver an efficient to utilize internet sites that grant you to surf for movies in proper order, by director, by year, by genre, by rating and so on. Hiring a movie to watch through online is a cinch.

Hence, rent the movies online and have fun.