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The Best 5 PS4 Horror Games in the World Today

Horror games in the world today have become very popular. These could be attributed to so many reasons such as Youtube videos of people getting scared while playing at the same time. It can also be attributed to the fact that there are plenty of options when it comes to the field of playing quality horror games in the world today. One of the biggest beneficiaries of this is the PS4, which has more than enough of the available horror titles and games that one can be able to comfortably choose from at any time.

There are many popular horror games from a small devloping team to AAA companies who contributed a lot to push the horror gaming experiecnce.Here’s a list of some of the best PlayStation 4 games gaming industry.


Until Dawn

It is a little less scary in general and is more like an interactive teen-horror movie in the world today. A group of adolescents decides to take a leave and spend a getaway weekend at a particular old lodge that one of their friends particularly owned. Two of their friends also particularly disappeared in this same lodge a year ago.

Throughout the game, you are required to make decisions and take control very many characters at the same time. The decisions that you come up with determine how the story ends. It also decides on who dies and who lives in general. It brings out the best real tense moments that are good in any game.


It is a first horror adventure that has a reporter who is trapped in an abandoned hospital that is psychiatric. The real joy of the game comes with its creepy environment and the tense moments at all times. The low night vision camera makes it even more intense. There is more of running and hiding and screaming. It is a classic game to play at all times.


It is a beautiful blend of horror and science fiction of all times. Starts with you being abandoned in a weird facility. You then find creatures that you keep hiding from and use stealth as your major weapon to fight back. It will make you uncomfortable, but it is one game that you will keep thinking about after you are done playing.

Layers of Fear

This game has taken into account a troubled painter who is going through a very rough time in completing his tasks in general. Trying to complete their task ahead, your character moves around trying to also complete their work too without much trouble. After each layer of painting, you tend to suffer from hallucinations and flashbacks that give you information. You will be fighting your mind o try answer puzzles and putting the story together.

Lone Survivor

It takes its influences from the Resident Evil and Silent Hill. In the game, you play as a survivor, and you appear to be alone apart from some monsters that appear in the apartment that you live in. You will need to look after your mental health and your ammo. Going back to sleep and feeding properly well will help keep your character good in the game. This is a must game for PS4 horror fans.


In conclusion, horror games are becoming popular, and it is because of such games that create tension and the eagerness to want to play them now and then. They are just a must games for horror fans in the world.

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