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Why Should You Get a 144Hz Monitor for Gaming?

It is believed that 60 Hz refresh rate of a monitor is sufficient and best for displays, especially for the gaming experience. This is because the human eyes are able to see up to 24 frames per second at the maximum. But, if you ask any expert or search online for best gaming monitor, then you will be asked to invest in gaming monitor that comes with higher refresh rate up to 144Hz. So, if you are a veteran gamer and highly concerned about the gaming experience, then it is always worthwhile to invest in 144Hz Monitor for many good reasons. Below you will come across with some crucial points which will clarify how using gaming monitor with 144Hz refresh rate would give you significant gaming benefits and experience.

Why Using 144Hz Monitor for Gaming is Necessary Today?

Many gamers believe that spending more money on the gaming monitors with 144Hz is simply wastage because 60Hz is enough for efficient working and gaming experience. However, it is not true for modern gaming experience. Whether you need to stay with 60Hz monitors or upgrade it with higher refresh rate it all depends on the games that you intend to play on your system. The higher refresh rate of 144Hz or above will significantly affect the overall working and gaming.

The refresh rate of the monitors is basically the measure of how many times the screen of the monitor refreshes per second for updating the details. The age old CRT monitors we used earlier were designed with higher refresh rates and hence they reduce the screen flickering and offer you amazing comfort while gaming. But, the modern day LED and LCD monitors don’t work the same way and hence refresh rates must be higher so that refreshing of the screen is done promptly for smoother moving of images. But in high end games where images are required to be sent faster per second you would require a system that has faster interconnections with higher quality of cabling. Moreover, for faster video transmission you are required to have system with faster processors and sufficient storage which are required for higher frame rate for content.

Moreover, higher quality graphic cards are also required to support the screen to provide desired benefits. But, there is a drawback because of the system fails, then the same image will be shown to you over and over again until any new images are displayed. Most of the games today use motion blur technology which looks unnatural in gaming and create more latency that impact the smoothness of the gaming images. So, if you are playing these games on 144Hz gaming monitors then you will observe vast changes in the shooting skills and performance due to its higher refresh rates. Similarly, if you play the same game on 60Hz gaming monitors then the images will be displayed in half of what you should get. So, using 144Hz monitors for gaming would give you full benefits, regardless of your system. It also requires minimal system settings to deliver you higher quality imaging and gaming experience.

Why Gamers Should Get a 144Hz Monitor for Gaming?

The 144Hz gaming monitors are the stellar not only for watching movies and working, but also for high end gaming experience. The pixel counts and the refresh rate of these monitors are really exceptional that allows you to reach the full potential in regards to graphical output. If you don’t have high end system setup then the games would run poorly and if you notice image optimization issues, then it is the time to invest in gaming monitors with 144Hz refresh rate.

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